Helpful Tips and Tricks!



This is where you can switch out what item you want printed.


Here you can add custom text to the product you selected.


Upload your art by selecting this tab.


Add individual names and number to each shirt here.

E) "QTY" 

Add sizes and quantities here.

F) "BUY"

Check out here.


pick Your product


Click “Product” tab in the tool bar.

Click “Change Product.”


A menu of options will pop-up.

Look through the menu to find a product.

Click the image of the product you want.


Your new product will now be displayed.

Check that the discription is correct in the left hand box.

You will also be able to change the product's color, just click the one you want.

Under that you can pick your sizes and quantities.

You can also change that by clicking the "QTY" tab in the tool bar.

add your own text

The Basics:

Click “Add Text” tab in the tool bar.

Select printing method.

Enter your text and click “ADD TEXT”

The Text Properties panel will appear on the left side of the Designer

Adjust the text using the tools as desired



Edit font style, font color, and text alignment


Position and Size:

You can manually change the size and placement here. This can also be accomplished by clicking and dragging on the text box on the Designer. Other features include flipping, rotating, and centering text to the artboard.



Click on the drop down menu in this tab to find fun shapes you can use to mold your text into. For example arching, squeezing, bridging, and fisheye! 


add your custom Design

The Basics:

Click on the "Add Design" tab on the tool bar. 

A pop-up box will appear.

Click "Upload Image." 


Supported files:

Raster (PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF) 

Vector (PDF, EPS, PS, SVG, SVGZ)

Embroidery (EMB) 


Pick Colors:

Once you’ve uploaded your artwork, select the number of colors you want used in the design. The designer will automatically choose colors that are most like the ones in your design. You may remove a color by selecting the color, then clicking “remove color.” You may also change the colors in your design by selecting the color then choosing a different color from our standard color options. 


Here you can change the color, position and other elements 
of your design. Also, notice the ungroup button. Click this if your 
design has different parts. This will let you edit each element seperately.


This tool bar will allow you to zoom, select all elements, copy, paste, show or hide the decoration area, and view and edit layers.


This box is the decoration area. Keep all your designs inside this 
box. Anything outside of it will be cropped off! Within this box you can drag and drop your design to change the size and placement.




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