Opening your own Fulfillment store is as simple as approving the design and sharing the link to your online web-shore.

Tips to help sell:

  • Start with the design!  Choose something that fits your needs, looks good & is versatile.
  • Keep it simple!  Offer a few items in different colors to add variety!
  • Share your link!  Share via social media or email to spread to word

Whether you sell 20 or 1200, our expert production team will produce your items and deliver them right to your door!

So how does it work?

K2 has you covered

K2’s online fulfillment stores are a hassle-free way to bulk order shirts for your business or organization
without the headache of collecting orders, sizes, and money! 

Send us your design!
If you don’t have one, our shop experts will help design something perfect for you.

Next, we’ll help you choose which item and style best meets your needs.

We’ll provide you with a one-of-a-kind link to your online shop that you can share via email or social media with your school.

Payments are processed directly through the shop. Say goodbye to collecting money and paperwork!

On the date of your choice, we’ll close your shop then print, package, and ship your orders.

The best part- 
all of this is completely free. 
Contact our shop experts today to get started!

Want to get started?

Fill out this quick shop form, and one of our experts will reach out within 24 hours!

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